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Mobile Video Tools: The iRig Mic Lav Will Bring Great Sound To Your iOS Device

This is one of the best lav mics for the price and works great with iOS devices
iRig Lav Mic in a daisy chain set-up

iRig Lav Mic in a daisy chain set-up

As we continue to evolve to more and more video interviews in the blogosphere the iOS devices have become our go to video cameras and recording devices for quick interviews. 


IK Multimedia has been at the forefront of mobile music creation, including mics, keyboards, and even an audio interface. Now they are starting to tackle mobile video solutions with this mic and a new iKlip model that's on the horizon.

Now they have released a Lav Mic that can be strung together so you can film interviews on an iPhone with multiple subjects (i.e., guest and a host). Not only can you chain two mics together but there is also a port where you can plug in your headphones so you can monitor the sound with one or two mic setup. Now you can just pull out your iPhone or iPad, link up the mics and you are ready to go. 

iRig Mic Lav

iRig Mic Lav

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For a $50 price tag, it's hard to beat, and the sound is bright and crisp. They also sell a two pack for $80 which is the best way to buy this product because sooner or later you will need two. 

One tip, though, if you are trying to film an interview with your iPhone and make it look professional too you should get some kind of handle or tripod to keep your shot steady. These will provide you with great sound, but if you blow the shot, it won't matter what kind of audio you have. 

We tested the mic in several conditions, both outside and indoors and in both configurations, single and daisy chained. The outdoor sound test was considerably better than just the normal mic, and the foam shield helped quite a bit with the noisy background. 

Inside when things were quiet, the iPhone's mic worked well enough, but the Lav still delivered noticeably sound quality. 

If you are a budding journalist or even a seasoned veteran the iRig Mic Lav is a great analog mic to add to your iOS mobile kit. It's ideal for both audio and video interviews where you are working in a host / subject type of format or even just narrating over your video. You will have a hard time finding anything better at this price point. 

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