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Google Launches Browser Music Lab

Get ready to spend hours making music with Google's new in-browser production tool

Google has launched Chrome Music Lab, a collection of interactive instruments that let users make music right from their browser. This expansive new tool gives anyone with a browser the ability to produce their own unique track. You can definitely expect to lose a few hours playing around with these sounds. 

The website uses the Web Audio API to transform your browser into a DAW with a number of tools to teach you the basics of harmonics, chords, arpeggios and rhythm. The layout is extremely simple to navigate and addictively fun to use. 

According to The Next Web, the Chrome Music Lab is part of the USA's Music In Our Schools month, but the website is likely to waste more grownup hours. It also offers open-source code for those engineers that want to create their own experiments. 

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Visit Chrome Music Lab to see what it's all about.

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