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For those techno lovers seeking something darker, something forward thinking and refreshingly innovative, this Nolan Gray guest mix is right up your alley. 

Nolan Gray elegantly tailors his analog techno with the underground in mind. Expertly crafted with a keen ear towards simplicity, Mr. Gray knows a thing or two about what makes techno beautiful, and most importantly, how existentially significant it can be. In Nolan's own words: "The goal of this music is an exposition of great complexity expressed in the simplest of terms, similar to the fundamental tone of nature."

Press play and go somewhere deep and dark. Most importantly though, let's go wherever Nolan Gray's techno takes us.

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Be sure to keep your ears peeled for Nolan Gray's next EP "Occam's Laser" releasing in April this year. Also, Nolan isn't just a techno producer, he's also an acclaimed artist with immersive sound installations that have shown in New York, San Francisco and Brussels. Check his full portfolio out here.

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