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ODESZA Make Surprise Announcement Regarding Their New Album

Little is known of the new album but it's enough to get us excited for what's on the way
ODESZA (photo by Jacob Penderworth)

ODESZA (photo by Jacob Penderworth)

After storming to the top of dance music faster than any other act in recent history, ODESZA are showing all signs of continuing on the same trajectory. The duo have been touring vigorously, but are still finding time to get in the studio, announcing yesterday that a new album is indeed on the way.

In 2014 their album In Return catapulted ODESZA into the spotlight and their new live show delivered a unique experience that captivated fans all over the world. A Grammy nomination would follow, along with a remix album that was met with high praise. Now we know they're back in the studio working on new material and it's easy to get excited for what's surely on the way. 

No official word has been given regarding ODESZA's third album, but if new music is coming, there's definitely plenty to look forward to. Stay tuned.

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