Far from getting started, the Future House mainstay Oliver Heldens is gaining tsunami-like momentum, washing over the dance music scene in the grooviest way.

You might know him from his meteoric single 'Gecko', or you might know him from the amped up sets he throws the world over. Beyond all the rave reviews, Oliver is a musician focused first and foremost on the party. He whips up beats for the people and wants to get those people moving.

It's been a wild three years for this musical dutchman. From the second he signed to Spinnin', founding his own label Heldeep Records, and now a surprise forward-thinking bass house side-project with HI-LO, Mr. Heldens shows no signs of slowing. So, we started sprinting to catch up and toss this man some questions amidst his North American Bus Tour which finishes at Miami Music Week.

Hey there Oliver, it's a funny question to ask as you seem to be running the game, but what is going on with Oliver Heldens as of late?

Hey there! I’m doing great lately, and I’ve just started with my Oliver Heldens Bus Tour through North America and Canada. So I’m super excited to hit the road!

You and Tiesto seem to have it dialed in with your collaboration "Wombass". Can you give me some insight into how that super hero collaboration came about?

I have known Tiësto from the beginning of my career because he was the first one to sign my record ‘Gecko’. Since then we’ve always stayed close and talked about collaborating many times. We finally managed to go into the studio together, which was quite hard with our schedules. It was really cool to work with him; we had so much fun in the studio and I’m really proud of the end result! Oh and fun fact, I even taught him to do the shuffle!

All the fan fare aside, how do you feel about that track?

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I really like the sound of this track, and I’m really proud of the results so far. Tiësto and I have put a lot of effort into this track, and we hope the public likes it. Especially the vocal version of “The Right Song”, which is out now with the vocals of Natalie La Rose. It’s doing very well so far, so I couldn’t be happier about this collaboration!

Beyond on that, what else are you working on?

I’ve been working in the studio in LA and Sweden a lot the past months. I’ve been spending time with some cool singers and songwriters so we have some cool things coming up! And as you probably know, I created an alias for myself, HI-LO, and this has given me the opportunity to create a new sound. So I’m working on some new HI-LO music right now as well.

How would you describe an Oliver Heldens show as simply as possible?

One huge party. I always strive to make a great show together with the crowd, so if you attend any one of my shows it can get as crazy as you want it to be.

How would you describe the Oliver Heldens sound and style as simply and succinctly as possible?

I usually describe it as uplifting and groovy. I don’t like to label it too much, but if I have to I would describe my sound as a crossover between tech house, deep house and EDM.

Is there an Oliver Heldens philosophy that you would care to share?

I think it’s important to create your own style and mindset. I still get my inspiration by listening to a lot of music and trying different sounds in the studio, and I always find it interesting to hear new styles of producing. But the most important one is just to have fun!

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