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Watch a Cover of New Order's Iconic 'Blue Monday' made with Instruments from the 1930s

Orkestra Obsolete takes on New Order's 'Blue Monday' and presents an interesting look at musical arrangements
Orkestra Obsolete covers New Order

One of the most iconic electronic tracks produced in the 80s, and perhaps all-time, is none other than New Order's moody gem, 'Blue Monday'. Using the technology of the time, the band helped set the foundation for more electronic experimentation moving forward, but what would the track have sounded like without this technology? Thanks to Orkestra Obsolete and BBC Arsts, we now know.

Using period instruments from the 1930s, Orkestra Obsolete recreates the famous New Order tune, revealing a folk-like motif with their cover. It's interesting to think about what other popular tracks would sound like if performed in this manner. It's catchy, complex and has all the makings of a hit. New Order knew they were doing something right with this arrangement, regardless of the original instrumentation.

"In a special film, using only instruments available in the 1930s — from the theremin and musical saw to the harmonium and prepared piano — the mysterious Orkestra Obsolete present this classic track as you've never heard it before."

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Watch Orkestra Obsolete cover New Order's 'Blue Monday' below.

[via: DJ Mag]

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