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Popular Brooklyn Nightclub Verboten Has Been Seized By The State

The sudden closure of Verboten has left many locals saddened to see what seemed to be a respectable venue go under
(photo via @DanceBitchBK on Twitter)

(photo via @DanceBitchBK on Twitter)

Avid club heads in NYC have sensed this coming for quite some time and now it's official, Verboten has been seized by the state of New York due to "nonpayment of taxes."

A notice was posted on the property saying, “This property has been seized for nonpayment of taxes, and is now in the possession of the state of New York. Any person who attempts to tamper or interfere with this property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” 

We have yet to receive any word from club owners in response to the closure, but back in January, THUMP reported that the owners had been accused of "fraud and mismanagement" by investors.

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"Many of the investors have been forced to organize over the last several months due to what was initially simply a lack of transparency into the operations and financial performance of the business by the operating partners," explains an investor in the club named Brian Edward McGuinness who was speaking on behalf of 13 other investors.

In response to the investor's claims and other allegations, co-owner of the venue, Jen Schiffer, said, "I have a tenured history of employing and supporting people. I run a small family business and have been here for a decade. I spent my whole life dreaming of building a nightclub. I'm not saying we never had a bad night or bad employee, [but] I've never been more proud of anything in my life."

We'll have more information on this developing story as it arises.


[via Billboard / THUMP]

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