Well that's a surprising headline...

According to a new study in the UK, the youth are not as eager to go out clubbing like they used to. I've heard many people say the EDM trend is fading out, but clubbing culture doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Who did these people survey and where the hell are they going out, because this just seems ridiculous.

One 33-year-old who was surveyed declared: “Bouncers are always rude and aggressive with no cause; DJs usually play what they want not what people want to listen to; the drinks are overpriced." 

Well, we're not necessarily disagreeing with what the person above has stated, but it really just sounds like they're going to the wrong clubs. Sure drinks are expensive everywhere, but maybe try pre-gaming a bit and then just buying one or two drinks. This won't be any more expensive than a night out at the bar. Don't go out at all if you can't afford it. You don't have to go out every night to enjoy clubbing. "Netflix and chill" is a thing for a reason.

The point this person makes about the DJs is something that can be easily avoided as well. There are plenty of artists who play an eclectic mix of tracks, some of which you may never hear again for quite some time. You don't have to go see the big name acts just because it's "the cool thing to do". Those artists definitely play the same tracks, all of them. If you can't land tickets to see Hardwell, Kygo or even Bassnectar at some arena, don't sweat it. It's not worth it, trust us. There are plenty of smaller clubs offering up better music with a better atmosphere. The flashy lights are simply overrated.

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There were other people surveyed in this study who simply would prefer to meet up at a quiet bar/lounge to converse with their friends. As one person stated, "When I get to see my friends it’s nice to sit down and chat with them rather than getting really drunk and not knowing what’s going on with them."

Sounds like these people are either just getting old or never liked to go clubbing in the first place... I mean, you can talk to your friends on any night and you don't have to be super drunk to enjoy a club... please. Those of us that thirst for the dance know where to find it, and it's not at a fucking lounge! Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and we hang out regularly when we get off work, but damn it's hard to beat a night out dancing my ass off at the club, warehouse or loft space. 

Maybe I'm just a club rat and that's what I like to do, who am I to judge how people want to spend there time. People grow out of their love for clubbing, that's just reality. So when thinking about it like that, sure there are those that will fade out from the scene. I don't blame them, if it's not a passion of theirs then move on. Just don't say that people aren't clubbing anymore because in my city, the culture is as strong as ever. 

The study in question did only survey 196 people, which is an incredibly small sampling. You can read more responses to the survey here.

(photo by Luca Bergami)

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