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Inspired by their uniquely twisted events and the artists they’ve hosted, RINSED founders Daniel Wender and Blacky II have launched their own label called The Umbrella.

“Our mission with The Umbrella is to close the gap between eternal records and fleeting temporal events, allowing our fans to take a little piece of our events home with them now - even if they weren't there,” Wender explains.

Each Umbrella release will be paired with a unique and immersive event, exposing the record’s concept and bringing it into the tactile world.

The label’s first release G.O.D Vol. 1 is a compilation intended to dissolve the line between artist and consumer; the worshipped and the worshipper. Available as a free download, the compilation features tracks by esteemed artists of the underground including Dinamo Azari, Braille, Krystal Klear and RINSED founder Blacky II, as well as a blazing remix from Berghain resident Len Faki.

For more information about RINSED and their vision, read our interview with the founders here.

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Free Download

G.O.D Vol. 1: Tracklisting

1. Braille - A Tune of Circumstance
2. Ariel Black - Advanced Color Theory
3. Pale Blue - Tougher
4. Nightwave - Moog Indigo
5. Krystal Klear - The Northern Quarter
6. Dinamo Azari - Jade Helm ft. Sylvermayne
7. Blacky II - I Don't
8. Cameron TraxXx - Let Me Tell You
9. Parris Mitchell - Rubber Jazz Band (Len Faki Remix)
10. Tom Snares - Acid Gate
11. Spatial - Prisoner’s Dilemma
12. Luka Tacon - Beyond Your Eyes
13. Curses - Isolumnocturn
14. Aquarian - Fellows Cout

The Umbrella G.O.D Vol. 1

The Umbrella G.O.D Vol. 1

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