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Rødhåd Stops by Amoeba Records to Share What's In His Bag

Rødhåd picks up a diverse collection of records when he stopped by Amoeba Hollywood


Rødhåd recently stopped by Amoeba Hollywood to dig for some vinyl, sharing a selection of his favorites for the series What's In My Bag?

Over the past few years Rødhåd has become the face of underground Techno with a string of critically acclaimed releases on the iconic Dystopian label. Possessing a subtle industrial motif, his music breathes new life into the genre as he continues to showcase just how diverse his musical output can be. 

For What's In My Bag? Rødhåd presents us with an interesting collection of records, ranging from Pye Corner Audio to Kings of Leon and John Carpenter. He also picks up a record that contains one of his most noteworthy remixes, his version of HOWLING's 'Signs', which was easily one of the most played Techno tracks in 2015. It's funny he didn't have his own copy of the record before heading to Amoeba, but luckily for him, the shop came through.

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Watch What's In My Bag? with Rødhåd and get an inside look at what influences this burgeoning producer.

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