Rising producer/DJ duo Spaceandtime are not ones to shy away from a challenge. Their recent edit of 'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane was not an easy task, but one that proved to be incredibly rewarding, achieving great success by injecting the timeless classic with dancefloor sophistication. Now it's available to all as a free download, exclusively from Magnetic!

We got the chance to chat with the Amsterdam natives about how they approached producing the new edit, what inspires them in the studio as well as to share a selection of their favorite tracks of the moment. Listen to the new tune below and definitely scoop up the free download.

What is Spaceandtime and when did you start making music together?

Spaceandtime is a collaboration between us, Eric de Man and Aron Friedman. We both were DJing and producing solo for years, and have been friends for years, too. We always have great fun together and like each other’s music a lot, so it felt very natural for us to join forces. It’s as though with Spaceandtime, we are more than the sum of all parts. Everything just seems to fall into place.

What are some of your musical influences that inspire you in the studio?

We have a broad scope of music that inspires us, ranging from modern classical music from the likes of Ravel and minimal music from Terry Riley, to Krautrock, Northern Soul and disco – and of course techno, deep house and electronica. We tend to search for the more cosmic sounds.

Some of the artists we’ve been listening to lately are Eduardo de la Calle and Africaine 808. Also, there’s a lot of DJs in the Netherlands who play and produce the sounds that inspire us. Artists like Satori, Applescal, Mees Dierdorp, Nuno dos Santos and Illesnoise are definitely ones to watch. 

On our first tour through the States and Mexico earlier, where we played at Treehouse Miami and Bespoke Muzik NYC, we met a bunch of artists that have inspired us, including Baez and Christian Voldstad. In general, the sound and vibe in the US seems very positive and open-minded. 

Your 'White Rabbit' edit still possesses that iconic melody of the original
but brings it into the future. How did you approach making the music?

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We realized that editing an evergreen like White Rabbit is quite the undertaking. What can you add, really, to a song that is already amazing? We wanted to edit the track with the utmost respect to the original. In stead of simply adding a drum loop, we tried to amplify the existing music by adding complementary sounds. We hope we’ve succeeded in making a track that is both respectful to the past, as it is useful for the dance floors of today.

You've played this edit out in gigs, why do you think people have responded so well to it and do you think that nostalgic feeling is a factor?

We’re not sure whether it’s nostalgia or just the power of the song itself. It has struck a nerve with us, and it seems also to strike a nerve with the dance floor.

Favorite tracks at the moment?

Eduardo de la Calle - 'Anima Animus' [Cadenza]

Lorenzo Dada – 'Love Apparel (Axel Boman Remix)' [Culprit]

DRKSLSH – 'Storm (Phase Difference Remix)' [Modern Agenda]

What are you working on at the moment and do you have any gigs coming up?

We’ve just finished our second EP, which will be out on Marc Lansley’s Low Hanging Fruit imprint (Cologne/Chicago) later this summer. And we’re working on a bunch of new tracks. We’re blessed with a busy festival season, including some great gigs at events like Welcome to the Future, Shoeless and Thuishaven. But the season kicks off this weekend with one of the highlights: DGTL in Amsterdam.

Look out for more from the these guys in the near future and be sure to grab the free download of Spaceandtime - 'White Rabbit Edit' here.

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