Statik Link's Renaissance EP Delivers a Strong Showing of Raw Bass Music [Premiere]

The New York based production duo breaks the mold, delivering a sound that is not often heard in today's scene
Statik Link

Statik Link

As Statik Link, Josh Andres and Dan Dwyer put a new stamp on hard hitting bass music. Elements of Trap, Dusbtep, Hip Hop, RnB and more are fused together, showcasing a dynamic sound that's uncommon in today's scene. They actively aim to not conform to the popular sounds that are prominent in EDM, but instead focus their production process on a raw and unique approach. Their Renaissance EP is a clear example of this, delivering 5 tracks each with their own distinct motif. We got the chance to talk to the duo about how they went about producing the new material, their chance meeting and what we can expect from them moving forward.

Listen to the Renaissance EP below, download here.

Describe how your partnership came together. Seems like it was just a matter of fate.

Dan and I met in 2011 during a show at Porn N Chicken in Chicago. I (Josh) was producing under the Statik Link name. I played some tunes for Dan and he was digging them. I asked him if he wanted to combine forces and start working on Bass music together. At first we were going to start producing under the name 100HRTZ but decided to stick with Statik Link since I had put a lot of money into building the brand. We immediately clicked and put out some pretty popular tunes. It's never been tough to work together. We vibe on the same music and trust each other's judgement.

How did you approach writing the new music? Was there a specific theme or motive involved?

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We approached this EP different than past projects. We felt like the same tracks and sounds were being copied on every new release we heard. We decided that for this project we were going to work primarily with hardware synths, mixing, and mastering gear. We also wanted to give our music a vintage sound. We knew hardware gear wasn't something that you could download preset sounds for. It was a lot of fun creating the project. By using hardware, we create a sound that exists only for that moment. It's something we are definitley excited to share with our fans.

What do you think allows your music to stand out from the rest of bass fueled electronic music?

I think our use of sounds and samples. We try hard to not copy sounds that we hear on other tracks. We've also been told that our music is more hip hop than other bass music. I think it's because of where we draw a lot of inspiration from. This EP was VERY hip hop influenced. We feature 2 rappers, Big J Tha White Wonder and Roc $irReal, as well as tracks that don't have the typical EDM build. The biggest thing I think people will notice is the vintage and industrial sounding instruments.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Any future plans for 2016

We draw inspiration from many places. Our music is very hiphop influenced. We also keep our ears open for other electronic musicians who are raising the bar and trying something new. This project was heavily influenced by J Dilla, Mr Carmack, KRNE, Dr Dre, Quix, and a few other producers. As you can see, quite a mix haha.

Now that you've wrapped up the EP, what else do you have planned for 2016?

Our future plans consist of shows, shows, and more shows! We have a few venues we are working with right now that we will be announcing soon. We also have an official remix with Mighty High Coup and Young Dro and an official remix for Cuscino coming out within the next month or so. We also plan on releasing another RnB inspired EP later this year. We already started working on a few tracks. Just continuing to grind! Trust us, you’ll be seeing the Statik Link name A LOT in 2016!

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