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TÂCHES x Eli & Fur - "Lookalike"

There's a deep soul within this slow-burning house cracker from TÂCHES, Eli & Fur: it's both sitting and standing music.

This new collaboration between TÂCHES and Eli & Fur called "Lookalike" is a special one. It buoys along with a slow progression, enjoying the spark of each crackle in its gut: there's a deep, rueful soul to this song. It's equally fit for listening calmly at a desk or in the confines of the night.

About the song, the artists write: "The song was made in a dimly lit cupboard, filled with the scent of too many different incense sticks. We all spent a lot of time switching seats and standing up and moving awkwardly to each new musical addition."

"Lookalike" is out March 25 on Different Recordings.

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