Ten Walls was, in many ways, banished from the music industry after posting a hateful homophobic rant on Facebook. All tour dates were cancelled and a bombardment of disapproval poured out from the dance music community. Now, nearly one year late, he's announced his return in the form of a tour and what sounds like new music, picking up right where he left off. 


"This is a new stage for me, but at the same time, a natural continuation of my work so far. The new tracks to be performed on “Equalized” bring back the origins of Ten Walls, back to where it all began."

The tour will see Ten Walls hit 10 dates across Europe, touching down in cities like Istanbul, Milan, Lisbon, Prague, Belgrade, Budapest and more. To go with the tour announcement he's also shared a video clip featuring the motif for his new audio/visual show, along with a new track. Watch the video below and if you're out in Europe, and have forgiven Ten Walls, it might be a good idea to see what this new experience is all about. Tickets Here

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Expect a pair of albums to be released later this year.

New music from Ten Walls below:

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