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No matter who you are, your musical taste evolves as you grow in life and have different experiences. Although you may still enjoy the sounds you used to listen to, chances are you probably bumped something much different 5 years ago. The same goes for ravers, but some of us don’t just change in taste, we also choose to be extremely vocal about those changes, talking down on people that are listening to music and partying the same way we used to 5 years ago. As with the explosion in popularity of “EDM” back 2010, most of us have changed our views on raving and this is how the progression:

The “Raves Look Scary" Pre Raver

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.06.32 PM.png
  • The “Rave Looks Scary” phase is the pre-raving phase when everyone thought that raves were a dangerous collection of drug addicts dancing ridiculously and overdosing, which is definitely not the case. You may have heard the occasional rumor about a raver being “stuck by an AIDS needle,” although I hope those stupid rumors ended years ago with raves becoming more popular.

The “OMG this is AMAZING" – Main Stage Camper

  • This phase is the bane of all existence… but it is still one of the most popular phases out there. You just started going to dance music events, you’ve gone to your first rave and finally understand what everyone was talking about. You LOVE EDM and… "OMG YOU’RE SO PLUR ILY!" We’ve all been in this phase. You pay hundreds of dollars to go to a music festival and never leave the main stage, big room house is your work-out music, study music, pre-game music and party music, plus you don’t even know what big room is you just call it EDM!

The “Trap Music Ratchet” Fan

Photo by Lily Colovic

Photo by Lily Colovic

  • This phase… what can I say, you were young and wanted to do hood rat shit with your friends! 18 year old girls wearing extremely short spandex and trying to sneak in alcohol along with guys clad in all black and Damascus shirts. You go hard and your crew goes even harder. There’s nothing that’s going to stop you from turning up and trying to get weird with someone of the opposite sex (or same, whatever tickles your fancy).

The “Trance Family Forever” Raver

  • Trance and the community that strongly follows it are an offshoot of overly optimistic ravers that love everyone, and get that warm feeling of absolute euphoria throughout their entire body during music festivals (either because they are peaking or the music is just so damn happy). Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren are GOD. PLUR levels of over 9000!! are achieved at this stage, but not all ravers will go through this wonderful phase.

The “Pretty Lights Vibes or GTFO” Fan

Listen: Pretty Lights "The Hot Sh*t" Episode 76
  • This phase is definitely varied. Whether it's short lived or you become part of the PLM Fam, it all begins with the first time you see Pretty Lights live. After that experience, this music is all you ever want to listen to, and you love it. You vibe out hard and start experimenting with dance moves. Then, months later, you eventually realize you're still listening to the same song, like it's been on repeat, and it's still brilliant!

The “I just want to see some live instruments” Raver

ODESZA (photo by Jacob Penderworth)
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  • This phase is after you’ve been vibing to dance music for at least a year and have been going hard at the main stage, or you’re friends have been raving for much longer than you and are turning you onto live instruments. This is highlighted by acts like Odesza and Flume (there may not be live instruments but you love him all the same). During this phase you are probably over 21 and still love to turn up but with a nice beer in hand.

The Tropical House Babe

  • We get it, you are hot and love to show it off in your bikini. Girls love tropical house and guys pretend to love it because the girls that love tropical house are so hot. Don't lie, you know it's true.

The Future House Fan

  • "Oliver Heldens and Tchami all day!" This phase is an offshoot of the main stage raver, but you're evolving and experimenting with deeper sounds, although it's still fairly similar to the mainstream. You start to look down on other ravers that sit at the main stage all day, but you don’t realize that you are kind of doing the same thing. This bandwagon phase is a stepping stone into the deeper genres of house music.

The Deep House Dude

Gorgon City (photo by Whiper)

(photo by Whiper)

  • You go to underground raves, but also attend mainstream events just to go see that DJ who made it big, but is still considered "underground". You look at all the little raver kids and talk shit with all of your friends about how you “hate ravers”. You’ve forgotten how you used to roll balls at the main stage only just years ago and now you're a pretentious music elitist that thinks the only good music is what you are listening to. This is common in today's scene.

The "Techno for Life" Raver

  • This is the old couple you see at the rave, having the time of their lives. They have been raving since the early days, probably in the Detroit, Chicago or NYC, and they will never let it die! Techno is life and they are in it forever, they don’t look down on anyone because they know that everyone loves different music and they just want to have fun and experience the repetitive trance that comes from long intense techno sets. We all may get to this stage some day, but for now it looks like there's a long road ahead.

No matter which stage you find yourself in, you're loving dance music and having the time of your life! So I salute you and hope you continue to have a blast, never let anyone look down on you or ruin your good time! All music is amazing and what you are listening too now is just as good as what you were listening too years ago, your taste has just evolved, like the passing of time. So go out, have fun, live it up, and be safe!

Which Raver Are You? 

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