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The Future of Music Production is Here, Kickstarter Launched to Bring it to Life

Introducing the 2020 Beat-Maker, the next generation of production tools and real-time composition software

DUB-Russell has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 2020 Beat-Machine, a next generation beat maker and real-time composition software. 

The 2020 is a standalone semi modular beat machine software featuring 12 one shot samplers, 2 FM synths, a sample slicer, 3 sound loopers, effects and much more. The interface is meant to simplify the production process allowing all functions to be visible on a single screen. This can look a little confusing, but all DAWs seem to be extremely complicated until you get to play with them. 

There are future plans for a recording format that will allow users to overdub other songs and sync with more gear. As of now the beat machine is just under halfway completed and according to the creator Yotaro Shuto, the final version is expected to release later this fall. You can find more details and the actual campaign itself here. 

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