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He goes by the name The Magician, but the way he works his magic seems more on par with a wizard. Last Thursday evening Just Kiddin, Richie Panic and The Magician all came together to put on quite the dance party at 1015 Folsom for the venue focused festival Noise Pop.

Photo Credit: 1015 Folsom

Photo Credit: 1015 Folsom

This was my second affair with The Magician and he lives up to his reputation as a master of the nu-disco and indie dance party. With the right cuts and choice selections, he got everyone moving on all floors of the massive venue. He especially got the crowd going full bore with the Mr. Belt & Wezol, Daser track "Faith", check it out below:

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A new act I was introduced to at this event (interview coming soon!) was the British dance duo of Just Kiddin'. It wasn't their first time setting the dancefloor on fire for The Magician, but they played that set like a damn fine headliner. These guys are simply fire, and it would behoove you to become a fan, like yesterday.

Richie Panic bodies every dancefloor. Bodies on top of bodies, trust me. I hadn't yet experienced a Richie Panic yet for 2016, so I was excited. He's got indie sensibilities with a seasoned repertoire of techno and rave to get any party feeling some kind of way. I'm spoiled to have Richie in San Francisco, but I certainly don't take this Lights Down Low empresario for granted.

Photo Credit: 1015 Folsom

Photo Credit: 1015 Folsom

Overall, Noise Pop is a unique festival that takes over this musical city  with top notch talent filling every nook and cranny. The festival is a complete festival spread out over a week and a half, and it really gets 2016 started off right with the best and brightest about to make this musical year their own. Big ups to Noise Pop for doing the damn thing yet again, excited for next year already!


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