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The Ultimate Miami Music Week Packing List & Party Guide

A style guide for Miami Music Week's hottest events

Packing for a week long event can be tough, not knowing what to bring, packing too much or too little is always a toss up. But chances are if you’re attending Miami Music Week you will find yourself in one of three places - at a club, on the beach, or by some rooftop pool. So we put together the ultimate packing list of must haves for Miami music week.

ROOFTOP POOL - Change out of that sandy graphic to something that smells a little less salty because All Gone Pete Tong is poolside back to back and you need to be there. No need to get too fancy for the event, throw on a crisp basic tee and a snapback and you’ll be good to go. What to bring:

Graphic Tees

Clean Basics

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Snapback/5 panels

AT THE CLUB - Whether you’re hitting up DESCEND at Heart Night Club for Space Miami resident Alex Sanchez AKA 'ALX' or Do Not Sit On The Future for Kindisch you’ll need something a bit nicer than a graphic tank and a pair of shorts. But just because you’re dressed up doesn't mean you can't get down. What to bring:

Button Ups

Better Basics

Lastly, what is Miami Music Week without a bit of beach action? Keep it casual and stay cool in a pair your favorite printed shorts and graphic tank. Throw on some shades and head to the beach because you won’t want to miss the Paradise Party. Check out what you should be wearing to it on The Urban Atlas.

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