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The United States Sold More Marijuana in 2016 than Dasani, Oreos and Girl Scout Cookies Combined

Americans are indeed living the "high" life with marijuana sales reaching record numbers in 2015
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Marijuana strain: Sweet Tooth #3 (photo by Hupu2)

Marijuana strain: Sweet Tooth #3 (photo by Hupu2)

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, Washington Oregon, Alaska and the District of Colombia, sales reached it's highest mark in 2015. $3.4 billion worth of the sticky herb were sold, beating out numerous high profile brands to be one of the the highest selling products.

According to an infographic from Forbes, Marijuana beat out the likes of Oreo, DiGiorno, Girl Scout Cookies and even Dasani water, which sold $1.02 billion. Oreo, which is one of the most popular cookies in the country, sold $711 million and weed beat that by selling nearly 5 times more product. If these numbers tell us anything, it's that marijuana is and incredibly lucrative cash crop that can benefit our economy. With a record year in 2015, the wee industry is on course to make even more in 2016, with a projected $4.3 billion in sales. 

View the infographic below to help put this all into perspective.

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