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Urban Outfitters to Curate and Press Vinyl, Announces Partnership with Domino Recording Company

Urban Outfitters first vinyl release is coming soon
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Like many others, Urban Outfitters is looking to capitalize on the vinyl boom by getting into the record label business. The clothing retailer has revealed plans for a vinyl release in the form of a compilation series, dubbed Urban Outfitters Domino Compilation

Showcasing new and upcoming talent, Urban Outfitters teamed up with Domino Recording Company. The first album looks to set the foundation for whats to come, featuring artists like Bob Moses, Hot Chip, The Range, Alex G and much more. You can view the complete tracklist below.


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1. 'Be Apart' - Porches
2. 'Tearing Me Up' - Bob Moses
3. 'West Drive' - Blood Orange
4. 'Kicker' - Alex G
5. 'Kind Luck' - Night Moves
6. 'Florda' - The Range
7. 'Down' - Petite Noir
8. 'Paper Dolls' - Real Estate
9. 'Come Back From It' - Your Friend
10. 'Dancing In The Dark' - Hot Chip

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