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Virtual Crate Digging for Vinyl is The Future, And It's Here

Digging Into Hip Hop is ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing vinyl culture into the virtual world
Digging Into Hip Hop

When people predicted that everything would be moving to an online platform, back when the internet was first picking up steam, that was no exaggeration. For example, many media publications needed to rethink their strategy and get their content on the web. Now it seems like more businesses may need to do the same as virtual continues to break through.

Even something that you would never think could translate to the online sphere, like digging for records, which is literally going to a record store and digging, not using the internet, has moved online. Now a new site, Digging Into Hip Hop, presents an experimental form of crate digging, focusing on classic and timeless records from the 90s. 

If you aren’t familiar with 90s Hip Hop and you want to discover the era's vast collection of music, this site is a great place to start. You can navigate through the records with a click of your mouse, plus the visuals are in 3D so as to try and give you a sense of authenticity, like you're actually digging in the crates. Is this the future of record shops? We certainly hope not, but DIHH is brilliant in that it's a fun way to search through music, even if you are just looking at a screen. The future is here and we best prepare ourselves for the big change.

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DIHH is constantly adding new tracks and albums to their collection, so remember to follow them on here to stay up to date.

Digging Into Hip Hop

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