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Watch Seth Troxler, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and More Fight Off EDM Zombies

The Walking Deaf takes on EDM raver zombies
seth troxler zombie

The Walking Dead has been one of the hottest shows on TV for the past few years with it's deep plot-line, suspenseful twists and the brilliant zombie make-up. Now the theme takes on a different kind of zombie with a parody video by My Music Is Electronic, delivering a whole new level of ridiculous.

Replacing the original characters of The Walking Dead with talented DJs and producers, The Walking Deaf is all about stopping the EDM raver zombies from taking over the world.

Featuring the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Monika Kruse, Eric Prydz, Sven Väth, Seth Troxler and more, the parody video is a lighthearted jab at the popular styles of EDM. The final scene is where the laughs will really come out as zombie Steve Aoki gets... well, you know. Watch the video below to see it all unfold.

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[via: Pulse]

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