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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - March 28, 2016

Hospo Tent WE Are fest

Jealousy levels hit peak the other week as the US cracked into their Miami Music Week and Ultra antics. Summer is on the horizon! There is hope! Hospitality in the Park has been announced for one (Sep 24) and festival guides have started to tentatively circulate amongst the pasty and live music deprived. All good things come to those who wait and in the meantime - EASTER is upon us!!! Alarm - off. Creme Egg - in my gob. Buns - darkly toasted (also in my gob). Flux Pavilion at Ministry this weekend as well - bassallupinmybodyandaroundmyface!!!!! Cheers Jesus!

More hearty sounds from last time...

'El Camino' - Kove [KVRT Records]

Kove is back bitches! Consistently epic. Some clown has commented this is 'futurestep' - I see where they're coming from, but enough with the sub-genres! Can hardly keep up.

'Dungeon' - The Upbeats [Vision Recordings]

The NZ homies are currently all about their new project and experiment 'De-Evolution'. Basically, a series of releases (from April 22) by Noisia's Vision label. 

'Clublife' - L 33 [Eatbrain]

Bulgarian DnB straight storming the Beatport chart!

'Ultraviolet' - Fred V & Grafix [Hospital Records]

Much anticipated and long awaited - Fred V & Grafix are the one. That’s just all there is to it.

'Doberman' - Dub Phizix ft. Ward 21 [SenkaSonik]

Buffalo vs Doberman -  similar but brilliantly different. There may or may not be a juicy anouncement to come from the Dub Phizix camp but lips sealed for now!

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'Icarus' - Logistics ft. Hugh Hardie [Hospital Records]

Sexy combination of all the drumwork, all the vocal greatness and all the Logistics-esque lushness. Swish, bang, wallop. 

'We're Nothing Without Love (Ivy Lab Remix)' - Etherwood [Med School]

Oh hi Etherwood, you're great. Ivy Lab - you're pretty shit hot too. Nice of you two to shack up!

'Genova' - Akrom [Red Light Records]

For the first time since...well Jigsaw two weeks ago, I feel like I've stumbled upon something new and great. Something that challenges the norms of drum...all hail Akrom. His EP has four fresh tracks that will change your outlook.

'Start A Fire' - Deuce & Charger (Kronology Remix) [In Charge Recordings]

Well fetch me the bloody kindling and some petrol because I am well and truly on board with this Kronology remix. Good build and that video game feel.

'Sinful' - Mat Zo ft. I See Monstas (Teddy Killerz Remix)

I See Monstas are audio endorphin boosters. Please note the genius Bold and Beautiful-esque interludes at 1.29 care of ze Teddy Killerz remix.

The business all in one swoop:

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