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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - March 4, 2016

The best Drum and Bass to grace our ears this week

Got everything ready to go this weekend besides a bit of a blurb to go with my picks for the week! The scene is as such: perched here, neglecting my real job whilst hustling back a sprinkle covered donut and ploughing the deep recesses of my brain for an anecdote that could pass for amusing AND drum and bass related. Alas, I am tapped. Maybe everybody just look at Ownglow! Looking off in the distance I exit stealthily out the trapdoor...

Last week I was more interesting.
(Debatable really)

'Twisted' - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind [Blackout NL]

'Twisted', plaited, knotted, weaved into a it what you want, it's pure devastation worthy of the frightening album artwork.

'Good To Me' - Brookes Brothers ft. Majesty [Viper Recordings]

It must be freakishly uplifting, kicking around with these two I imagine...nothing but delirious vibes. 

'Not Like Me' - Ownglow [Hospital Records]

This is the Future Sound of America y'all and Ownglow is straight leading the charge! Worthy.

'Equilibrium' - Bad Company [DOA]

It would be irresponsible of me to glaze over history in the making...

'Show Them' - Emperor [Inspected Records]

Unique tunes can sometimes be a bit far and few between - this is truly standout. It's different - and we like that around these parts.

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'All Out' - Killer Hertz [Viper Recordings]

Lurk around until the vocal and the drop happens here please.

'Marching Machines' - Nymfo [Dispatch Recordings] 

Bonus points if you can guess what the sample is from!! It's either the 'The Shining' or ' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas'...

'Take Me To Another World' - Logistics ft. Stella Atar


I'm pretending I can't see the word merge above - GROW UP!

'Hunger' - Posij [MTA Records]

Wield yo laser pointers with pride - this one from Posij (pronounced "pose-eye") is going in! 

'Tip Toe' - Bensley [RAM Records]

No need to pussyfoot around here - new release from Canadian brother Bensley and it actually sounds like it's namesake...which is bizarre and simultaneously delightful.

Full playlist below:

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