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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - March 25, 2016

Besides the new Skrillex masterpiece, major new releases from Luca Lush, Henry Fong, Slushii, Major Lazer, an Illuminati Furby and more. 7 free downloads.

Listening to this weekend’s new trap tracks got me feeling like…

Between the eye-watering Skrillex remix and the unusually unsettling Slushii drop, this trap playlist is post-midnight mayhem. So much to love, and so much to destroy. I’m about to go gremlin on this weekend. 

Full playlist in hel– I mean underneath.

Hundred Waters - 'Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix)'

And I've melted into a puddle of feels. This is something that has never before happened to me when listening to trap. Skrillex has made many a masterpiece, but this... This is soul shaking. 

Barely Alive - 'The Riddler (Henry Fong Remix)'

I've collected myself after the Skrillex track, and now it's time to devolve. If anything's gonna lift me out of my state of euphoria, it's this Fong song. Tuff af. 

Nuwanda - 'Lights Out'

Not much press yet for NUWANDA, but nevertheless, this track fits right in to my weekend rage plans. The Californian does have a good amount of Soundcloud material, so check that out if you're in tune. 

Damn Kids - 'Anxiety'

I'm not ever going to say anxiety is good, because it isn't. It's a serious affliction. But this is good. This is really damn good. Free download for this week only so grab it now. 

Major Lazer & Grandtheft - 'Number One'

This one surprised me a little bit, but this collab is just right. Major Lazer seemed to be drifting toward the land pop on a few tracks from their last album, but then stuff like this keeps bringing them back. One could say there's an identity crisis going on, but one would be wrong. This is the identity of Major Lazer (and to a large extent, Dipl0)–always experimenting, never predictable.

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Rihanna feat. Drake - 'Work (Luca Lush Remix)'

If there was a reason to listen to the original before, there isn't now. I tried, and was having none of it. I could've sworn the track was playing through my iPhone instead of my Crossfades. The crushing weight of this remix makes the original sound that tinny. 

Prismo - 'Wild Side'

I'm not sure what it is about those vocals, but they've got me hooked. Every drop more intense than the last. Prepare to hear more Prismo. 

Perci - 'I Want'

So many different samples and textures in here, yet Perci pieces them together in such a fashion that they feel like they made for each other. Another emerging artist to keep an eye on. 

Madeintyo - 'Uber Everywhere (Slushii Remix)'

It's getting tough for me to decide which Slushii I like more–the chill or the kill. Julian S. seems to be slashing more lately, and this one is 100% killer. Not only that, it's one of the artist's purest trap tracks yet. Feels like a long time coming. 

KRNE - 'I'll Be Good'

The lead track off the new Fool's Gold Presents: Night Shift record due April 1st. As many have pointed out, this is the same sample used in Porter Robinson's 'Flicker', which one user pointed as being D.J. Rogers 'Watch Out For the Riders'. Robinson's mix was gorgeous, and while KRNE puts on a new twist, there's no fewer feels. This is what the last day of spring break sounds like. How could I end this crazy chart on anything else? 

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