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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - March 11, 2016

8 Free DLs. New music from Dr. Fresch, Ookay, SCRVP, Creaky Jackals, Foxsky, TOKiMONSTA and the next James Blake?
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Horrible news. It's nearly spring. Yes, that time of the year when we lose one hour of our weekend to daylight savings time...

But dwell not, this also means festival season has arrived with SXSW and Miami Music Week. It’s also one more reason to make this weekend’s chart that much louder. And that's got me feeling a bit like this...

That’s how you spring into festival season. Full playlist at the bottom. 

Dr. Fresch - 'Make It Drop'

He didn't stay off the chart for long. This time it's all about vocals and simplicity. First one to count how many "Make It Drop's" wins the weekend. FREE DL. 

SCRVP - 'Apache'

Cause it ain't summer without ya harmonica. (By the way, we're still "dropping" with this track so keep counting.) FREE DL.

Whyel feat. Coloso - 'Be Like'

This drop. Perfect amount of surprise. Perfect amount of fire. I won't ruin any more of it for you. FREE DL.

Mego - 'Do It'

When MEGO isn't being an artist, he's being an artist. That album art is his own. And he has more where that came from. Check out more of his work here. True talent all around. FREE DL (LIMITED).

Ookay & YDG - 'Pop It Off'

Ookay and Dim Mak combine forces with "emergent duo YDG" to deliver a serious wrecker complete with Nouveau Riche-like vocals. 

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Foxsky feat. Negitoro - 'My Friend The Yellowtail'

TRAP TRACK OF THE WEEK. Gotta hand it to Nest HQ, they always keep things interesting and Foxsky's new track is a prime example. It tip-toes around for a while which is pretty funny, because by the one-minute mark, that's the last thing it's doing. Refreshingly inventive. FREE DL.

Creaky Jackals - 'Freedom'

Amazing tune from French duo Creaky Jackals. Soul soaked and heavy. You need to be listening to this when you roll into a camping festival this year (esp. Electric Forest). FREE DL.

TOKiMONSTA feat. Anderson .Paak & KRNE - 'Put It Down'

I know, the single is a bit old. But the track has re-dropped on TOKiMONSTA's just-released mini-album Fovere. While this is clearly the loudest of the bunch, don't ignore the rest. Don't miss "Penny"

Dirty Zblu & King Chain - 'Heart N Soul'

Probably the most attention-grabbing track on this week's chart. Vocals are nothing short of masterful, bouncing from octave to octave, dimension to dimension. A kaleidoscope of feels. FREE DL. 

Ray Monsky - 'Honey & Sour Love'

Because you don't know him, but you should. I'm assuming he's chopping up his own vocals for all these gems of his. All of which seem to wander through a dreamy haze somewhat reminiscent of James Blake. FREE DL.

Full chart below:

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