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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - March 18, 2016

Ookay holds the top spot with marshmello, Baauer, NGHTMRE, DJ Sliink also getting in the mix. Plus, the most accurate movie about EDM ever made.

You thought Baauer was BOSS?? Well forget that shit! There's only one man, one legend, one trapstar that even he can't Harlem Shake. One word– Conner4Real. (Video NSFW)

Yes, Andy Samberg has just created what looks to be the most ridiculous, outrageous and offensive movie about EDM ever. It also appears to be the most accurate. 

Having said that, this weekend's new Trap chart could have been half of the new Baauer album Aa, but no one deserves that much credit (not that he'd want it anyway). And in all seriousness, there was just too much to chose from this week. Full playlist below.

Marshmello - 'Color'

Finally, a marshmello track that fits this playlist. The mystery mallow has been aflame of late releasing track after track of deliciousness. I've seen few musicians rise so rapidly and for good reason. (Free download)

Baauer (feat. M.I.A & G-Dragon) - 'Temple'

It seems crazy that we're only now getting Baauer's "debut" album. But after calling his track-of-fame "corny as fuck", and saying he couldn't take the publicity, he drops this album on us. It's his best work yet and shows he has a true knack for creating genuinely creative music. Ya boy is back. Whether he likes it or not. 

DJ Sliink (feat.  Fatman Scoop) - 'Higher'

Speaking of corny, it's easy to dispel DJ Sliink's latest with the absurdly aggressive call to raise your middle finger. But this is why you should never be too quick to judge. By the time the drop hits, I don't care what the hell Fatman Scoop is saying, I'm wrecked. 

Baauer - 'Higher (TA$C!ONE Remix)'

Something you won't find on the new Baauer album. This track goes to show that you don't need to be famous to own pure gold. Oh-snap-factor near 10 on the drop. Too much fun to forget. (Free download)

Arman Cekin & Veorra - 'You Don't Know Me'

Arman Cekin has seemingly come from nowhere to now being part of something stunning like this. Meanwhile, Veorra, who puts a new spin on the masked-DJ concept, continues to rattle away with some of the best vocal work out there. Their brand new album Emerald is truly remarkable and this is just more of the same. Would be track of the week, any other week. (Free download)

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NGHTMRE - 'Touch'

It's hard to know where NGHTMRE is going with this one. It pays homage to several different electronic genres, new and old. The more you listen, the more you find. My favorite bit is the ode to late-90s rave music. Everything he touches turns to gold (had to). (Free download)

Grandtheft (feat. Lowell) - 'Quit This City (Pusher Remix)'

Spring break music. Miami Music Week music. Ultra music. This remix was made for the ocean breeze. Best part is, it's not the least bit tacky. One hell of a tropical twist on the original, which I hope you've already heard. A personal favorite.

Jigz - 'Out of Time'

I don't care if no one has heard of Jigz. I hadn't either. But when something drowns you in feels, it earns a spot on a top 10 chart no questions asked. Runner up to Track of the Week at the very least. Instant classic. Remember the name. (Free download)

Levianth & Denis Elezi - 'Beside Me'

Keeping it chill for those Miami Music Week sunsets towards the end here. Not that there isn't a west coast guitar strum in the mix... 

Ookay - 'Thief'

TRAP TRACK OF THE WEEK Told you there were too many gems this week. 'Thief' is one of Ookay's best of late which is really saying something. The sax puts this track on a totally different level. Not to mention the vocals. Plus the cover art... AgghHHH I'm dead. Killed by great music. (The best things in life are free downloads like this)

Full top 1o trap playlist:

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