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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - March 3, 2016

Charli XCX just trapped herself out and it's incredible. Best new trap tracks include new NGHTMRE, Tincup, Syles&Complete, GoodTimeMiller, CRAY and more. 6 free downloads and full trap playlist.
Charli XCX (photo by Justin Higuchi)

Charli XCX (photo by Justin Higuchi)

There's a new female trap artist you need to know. Here's the thing – you already know her. And everyone you know, already knows her. In fact, she already has over 2 million Facebook followers. But no one knows her quite like this. Say it with me...

Charli XCX. Trap star. 

Yes. Sometimes pop girls go bad. And sometimes bad girls go trap. But don't let the name overshadow her producer, Sophie. "He pushes me and I push him," she's said. "Its my favorite music I've ever made." [sic] I'd have to agree.

And as odd as it sounds, this is just what trap needed. 

Tincup - 'I Won't'

Loud. Elephant truck trap with quotable vocal twists. Seriously loud though, in both senses of the word. Like, you'll have to turn the tunes up after this track ends. 

Cray - 'Infinity Signs'

As if Cray grabbed a hip hop track from 2003 and dipped it in future. This can drop anywhere, anytime during your weekend. (Find Cray at your local pizza shop)

GoodTimeMiller - 'Afterlife'

I saw 'The Witch' this weekend, but this cover art puts up a good fight for my soul. The track doesn't follow suit, but it's still a notable late night thrasher. 

Jackal x Dr. Fresch - 'Netflix N Kill'

That knocking tho. Jackal and Dr. Fesch are busting in... You didn't really expect them to chill did you? 

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Charli XCX - 'Secret'

To go along with the launch of her new record label Vroom Vroom, Charli XCX put together a "prelude" to her next album in the form of an EP. This is just one of four incredible tracks. She seems to imply that Sophie is the producer behind the entire EP, so he should be showered in praise at least as much. 

O.T. Genasis feat. Young Dolph - 'Cut It (Styles&Complete x B L A N K . Remix)'

Don't be fooled by the "slow" intro. Style&Complete won't let you down. You know this. Track is tuff.  

Yellow Claw feat. Beenie Man - 'Bun It Up (Voldex Remix)'

I thought this Yellow Claw track needed something. Turns out it was 15-year-old German producer Voldex. This kid kills it. I prefer this over the heavy I Am Sid mix. Voldex's vocal work is downright vicious as he combines both trap and dubstep. 

Cavest. - 'rlx'

Part of the two-part Rave-Relax EP, the chill side is my preference though both are good. And I don't know why, but I'm getting polka vibes from "rve". Probably just me. 

NGHTMRE - 'Hold Me Close'

Lead track of an incredible EP. Amazing vocal cuts with a crushing amount of energy, of the all natural variety. Nothing is forced. It all just flows. 

Charli XCX feat. Hannah Diamond - 'Paradise'

Because when I get a chance to end on Happy Hardcore, I take advantage. 

Full Playlist:

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