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Wild Dark's Top Female Producers for International Women's Week

Wild Dark shares a playlist featuring their top tracks for International Women's Week
Wild Dark

Wild Dark

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women's Day, a time when the world recognizes every woman, mother, daughter, grandmother, etc., and shows appreciation. In light of this very necessary occasion, Magnetic Mag has tapped the industry's leading artists to deliver a playlist featuring their favorite tracks produced or performed by women in the industry. Each day this week we will have a different showcase, so be sure to check back to see who else reveals their favorite tracks.

Today we present our first submission from Wild Dark, a collaborative project involving Corey and Ryan Negrin, along with vocalist Sal Nastasi. Their unique style combines elements of house, techno, electronica and everything in between to create a truly fresh take on modern dance music. The selection they present is both a representation of their own musical output as well as a nod to the woman who inspire them. Regardless of sex, these artists continue to push the boundaries, delivering forward thinking music that belongs at any dance.

1. KatrinKa - 'Echo Gnomic' (Just Her Edition)

A beautiful take off Katrinka’s original, Just Her brings her signature dark and moody vibes. With a strong vocal hook and hypnotic leads, this one is sure to launch you deep into the moment. This track has received an ample amount of playtime on our dance floors. 

2. BLOND:ISH - 'Endless Game'

Lush vocals and hypnotic chants sit on top of a driving bass line. Completely captivating, This track leaves no room for self control. A top favorite of ours this past year. Cheers for Blondish for always delivering quality music.  

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3. Edu Imbernon - 'Fixing Fires' (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

We’ve had the privilege of playing with Maya Jane Coles at Verboten NY, and it’s safe to say she’s as amazing as a Producer as she is a DJ. Her remix of Edu Imbernon's 'Fixing Fires' is a perfect display of just how in touch she is with Deep House music. We absolutely love the minor groove and cut throat bass of this track.   

4. Mia Lucci - 'Between People'

Germanys own Mia Lucci has certainly created something special. This slow building gem is as beautiful as it is nasty. Crunched percussion and airy sweeps lead into an animal of a baseline. Kudos to you Mia Lucci.

5. Oona Dahl - 'Somewhere We Can Go'   

Swaying you low to the ground, 'Somewhere We Can Go' is a beauty of a track. Mystical arpeggiated keys and enchanting vocals hold this track tightly together. It’s impressive in how much beauty can be captured in around four minutes. 

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