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Will Coachella's Virtual Reality Change The Music Festival Experience Forever?

Coachella expands the festival experience with a virtual reality app

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is set to return April 15-17 and April 22-24 in Indio, California with a massive lineup. The festival is know throughout the world as one of the leading influencers in music, but unfortunately not everyone in the world can attend. Last year Coachella had YouTube channels dedicated to the different stages, giving everyone the opportunity to watch live performances. This year they plan to take that one step further. 

Last week the organizers announced a multitude of virtual reality experiences, thanks to a new partnership with Ticket holders will soon receive cardboard headsets in the mail which they can partner with a smartphone app to view enhanced performances, 360-degree panoramas, and tours of the festival grounds. Performers like Gallant and Matt & Kim will also contribute content to the experience. Fans around the world that have not bought a ticket to the festival can buy a cardboard VR headset for $22 off the Coachella website in order to get in on the action 

Coachella aims to change the festival experience forever. Fans wearing the VR will feel as if they are actually in Indio themselves, or at least that's the plan. This app has incredible potential and if done right, we'll likely see other music festivals following in their footsteps. Coachella has always been one for innovation and we can't wait to see how this app aims to share the festival experience with fans in Virtual Reality. 

You can buy a headset or download the app here.

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