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Zedd Calls Diplo "a jealous little bitch" Deadmau5 Chimes In Over M&M's Advertisement

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Diplo and Zedd went back and forth on Twitter last night after Diplo criticized the artist for producing a track for an M&M's advertisement. 

The Major Lazer producer and recent Justin Bieber collaborator expressed his opinion regarding Zedd's new track 'Candyman', a collaboration with Aloe Black, saying it had "a fake flume drop" and "it's not OK to do this."

Zedd would later respond, calling Diplo "a jealous little bitch," adding that he should "shut the fuck up." 

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Deadmau5 saw the tweets and, like we knew he would, added his own thoughts on the situation. He gave Zedd a backhanded compliment saying, "We all know Zedds shit sucks. But we love him." He would also tell Diplo that he had no place to talk about someone producing a track for money, saying "Literally hopped off Justin's dick to say someone's shit is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do."

This is not the first time Deadmau5 has criticized the Justin Bieber collaboration. He made his opinion very clear in a video where he explained his disapproval.

You can read the collection of tweets below.

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