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6 Pieces Of Essential Gear For Your "Camptival"

Headed to Coachella or any other camping festival this year, get this stuff

March has kicked off Festival season with the usual bang or thump or drop or whatever you want to call it. Spring is here, and it's time to party all the way through Fall. You probably have already bought your tickets to the essential big festies, but you might not have thought about your survival gear, especially if you are going to be doing the glamp camp or ghettoamp for some of you. 

Camping at festivals is fun, but it also has it's own set up of ummm, situations, like torrential rain, mud, no power, terrible cell phone reception, unexpected cold weather, lack of sound, etc. Here is a list of great ass saving devices and hero making luxuries for your camp site this season. This list is in no particular order.

Braven BRV-Bank

Braven BRV-Bank

1. The Braven BRV-Bank

No matter what you are going to run out of power sometime and you are going to need some serious batteries to juice up your phone over the next couple days. The BRV-Bank is just about as bad ass as it gets with its weatherproof IPX5 water resistant case and 6000 mAH Capacity that should easily charge up your phone three to four times. The BRV-Bank also comes with a 100-lumen flashlight extension and a companion app that will tell you exactly how much juice you have left. Get it HERE


Stay in touch with cell service is bad or non existent

2. The goTenna

The goTenna might be one of the coolest and critical pieces of festival gear we have seen in a very long time. One of the toughest things to achieve at a crowded festival is good communication. Your cell phone becomes dicey at best and getting a text through to your comrades is next to impossible, like message in a bottle kind of odds here. You are going to get separated, and that sucks because then you can't share those magic moments with your homies, just some shirtless dude named Steve who keeps following you around like a confused puppy. The goTenna is essentially a 2 Watt VHF radio that works with a proprietary app that lets you communicate with another goTenna user via text. Watch the video and get one HERE. We will have a more extensive review of this shortly. 


Your console away from home

3. The Satechi Universal Gamepad

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Festivals can be intense sometimes and often you just need a little "me" time away from your companions, especially if you camping. The Satechi Bluetooth Universal Gamepad brings your gaming to the next level. We all love to mess around with games on our phone, but let's face it the onscreen controls can be a bit of a bummer. Get that console controller style feel with the SUG. The controller is a full 14 button device and works with both iOS and Android phones. You just pull up the retractable phone grip, drop it in, pair it, and you are gaming brah! Watch your phone batteries, though; gaming will crush them. See #1. 

Braven Fuse

Hey "mobile" DJ, get this campsite started yo!

4. The Braven Fuse Bluetooth Mixer

What would a campsite be without some great music? You can now DJ your very own wake-up set or after hours set like a pro (kind of) with Braven's Bluetooth two-channel handheld mixer. What... whaaaaat? Yeah, they made a little mini-mixer that has EQs, a crossfader and volume faders. Here's the catch, you need two iPhones or iPads and two separate wireless speakers (we suggest the Razer Leviathan Mini) to get the party started. The quick hack is to get DJ software on each iPad/iPhone so you can do a 2 x 4 setup and you can go back to back with your buddy for the ultimate campsite jam. Also, the DJ software will help you pitch the music so you can actually mix like a real DJ. If you want to get REAL loud check out the IK Multimedia iLoud speaker, this will bring your neighbors to the party too as they bump hard. 

Poler Napsack

It's a sleeping bag, it's a snuggie, it's a jacket... it's awesome!

5. The Poler Napsack 

Poler is one of our favorite cool outdoor companies, and they totally get the modern camper enthusiast. The Napsack is kind of like a sleeping bag, and a Snuggie had a love child. The Napsack has zippers at the shoulders, so you can stick your arms out, and a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out. You can pull it up to your belt and just chill in it like it's your coat, then when you are ready to sleep it off you can just roll into your tent and convert it back to the full bag. The Napsack is perfect for chilly evenings and mornings, from festivals to couch surfing to just chilling on your couch. 

FEATURES: Soft Microfiber body, Leather tabs to cinch the hood, Rated to approximately 50 degrees, Chest pocket fits a phone and has a pass through hole for your headphones to run internally, Side hand pockets

Smart Lantern

There will be light, lots of it!

6. SmartLantern 

Once the sun sets you are going to need light so you can find your beer or to help you get settled in your tent. The SmartLantern is both a flashlight/lantern as well as a 7800mAh rechargeable battery. This bad boy will give you 48 hours of light on one charge up; that should be plenty to get you through the weekend, and if you need to charge up your phone it will do that for you too. The battery will hold a charge for a full year and lights up to 64 Lumens (aka it's bright enough for you) and the unit has a high-impact fireproof housing. Combine this with the Braven battery and you should be sorted all weekend and then some. 

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