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Absence Seizure: Late Night, Vinyl Only Exploits from Matuss - AS004 EP [Premiere]

Deep and spellbinding dance music that defies classification from the vinyl only imprint Absence Seizure
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Matus (Photo by Garrett McIndoe)

Absence Seizure continues their vinyl only output with a three track EP from label boss Matuss and Abe Duque supplying a standout remix. 

While concentrating on deep and hypnotic late night dance music, Absence Seizure has become a strong presence within the underground community. They strip away the hype and simply let their music speak for itself. This vision truly shows in the productions they release, focusing on quality rather than quantity, no matter who is creating the sound.

"Our vision is based on that - we want to concentrate on music, not so much on artist's names. Maybe even hide the names or keep them secret. Bring it back to the original roots, when it was all about sounds, rhythms and movements, and people could get together and unite, enjoying the music."

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Their forthcoming release speaks directly to that motif with driving rhythms, moody melodies and a plethora of rich textures. Listen to the EP in full below and be sure to grab your copy on April 17th. Vinyl only imprint in limited quantities, so don't hesitate.

Absence Seizure will also be featured at Halcyon record shop in Brooklyn on April 30th for a special in store event. Come by, say what's up to the crew and dig for some records from 4:00pm - 8:00pm, 74 Wythe Ave. 

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