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Action Bronson Has Been Removed from Another College Concert

Action Bronson his facing even more backlash from his lyrics with another college removing him from an upcoming concert
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Action Bronson

Just weeks after being dropped from a college concert at George Washington University for supposedly supporting rape culture, Action Bronson has been removed from another lineup due to student protests.

A petition was launched by students at Trinity College in Hartford, CT aiming to get Bronson removed from their Spring Weekend Concert. After the movement grew, the student run coalition that was organizing the event released a statement explaining why they chose to not include Action Bronson on the lineup moving forward.

“We took the petition, Remove Action Bronson from Trinity College’s Spring Weekend Concert, which was published on, and the views expressed in the comment section very seriously. They were some of the most important factors in our decision to remove Action Bronson from our campus,” they declared on Facebook, saying he was was actually originally voted to headline the concert. 

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They went on to clarify why they were now removing him from the lineup: “In the beginning of March we were made aware of the severity and depth of some of Action Bronson’s lyrics. We began to create a strategy to keep members of our community safe and began drafting our response to the backlash that we anticipated. Following news that Action Bronson was being removed as the headlining artist for Spring Weekend at The George Washington University, our executive-board committee voted on March 31st to remove Action Bronson from our Spring Weekend concert because of his lyrics, music, videos, and the misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia that they promote.”

Bronson has yet to respond to this recent situation, but when he was dropped from the GW concert he released a statement saying, "Regardless, I understand that when it comes to musicians, and more specifically rappers, the lyrics I say are taken to heart many times as a representation of my beliefs or true feelings. SO please let me make this very clear: I think rape and acts of violence toward woman are DISGUSTING. I would never condone anything remotely close to that type of behavior, and it’s certainly not what I’m about at all. But, the song in question has caused people discomfort and pain and I’m sincerely sorry about it. It was not my intention to hurt people when I made it years ago, and I certainly will be much more sensitive on this matter moving ahead."

His lyrics may have a misogynistic nature to them and his music videos follow along those lines as well, but is it how he truly feels or is it just an artistic expression? The students have spoken and it looks like Action Bronson is missing out on another gig. 

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