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An Inside Look At Disclosure's Live Set-up [Video]

Celebrated UK producer duo Disclosure give us a peek behind the scenes of their elaborate live set-up
Disclosure Live Setup

Red Bull Music Academy's Studio Science series takes us inside the live set-up of UK duo Disclosure, consisting of Guy and Howard Lawrence. 

First Guy shows us his riser, which focuses mostly on the drums, or "percussion land," as he calls it. Still using toms from his childhood and a cymbal he took from college, he proves that a great songwriter and musician can use any equipment to make a great track. He also uses an SBD that links to multiple drum pads which launch the actual samples from each song, keeping the original electronic feel. He also has a TR-909 that he uses to bring that authentic tech feel to their live set. 

Howard then shows us his side, where he focuses on the chords, melody and vocals. With multiple synthesizers and keyboards, including the Juno-60, Akai MPK 261, an analog Roland-Gaia and more. A single screen linked to all of his instruments shows him what patches are loaded for each track, which makes it possible for him to instantly load up the next piece across his entire set-up. He then moves onto his Fender Jazz Bass, running through Guys Ableton session to change the sound for different songs. 

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You can see really see how Disclosure truly plays a full live set, leaving room for mistakes and bringing back the magic of live instrumentation to electronic music. They even play a 15 minute techno section of their set completely live, changing it up every night.

Watch the video for yourself here: 


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