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Apple Music Now Has 13 Million Subscribers, But Is That Really A Big Deal?

Considering how many people use an iOS device and Spotify's hold on the industry, Apple Music still has a long way to go.
Apple Music

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Music, has just announced that the streaming service has reached 13 million subscribers and seems to be growing at a rapid pace.

Since February, about 2 million new subscribers have joined the platform, which is only 10 months old. This huge increase sees Apple Music on a similar growth rate to rival Spotify, the industry's leading company, which is nearly 8 years old.

Although the growth is promising, many industry experts consider the subscriber-base low considering there are 1 billion iOS devices currently in use. With that huge number in mind the service should be further along than it is at the moment, but as the company has not initiated any major new features, there should still be a lot to look forward to.

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[via: The Verge]

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