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Apple Patents Technology That Automatically Censors Music

Apple tackles explicit lyrics in order to make content more family friendly
Apple Music

Apple now has a patent for technology that can scan music that is being streamed and edit out swear words that are found in the lyrics.

As Business Insider reports, the patent for "Management, Replacement and Removal of Explicit Lyrics during Audio Playback" was filed in September 2014. The patent details a process for the technology to locate explicit sections in tracks and edit them to make the music more suitable for all ages.

Now the explicit lyrics can be replaced with a beeping noise, different lyrics or recognize the music behind the expletive and remove the words entirely to keep the track cohesive.

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A diagram in Apple's patent

A diagram in Apple's patent

The technology is not exclusive to music either as the patent also makes a point to mention audio books. Now Apple can edit out entire scenes of books in order to make them more family friendly. 

This comes at a time when Apple's music streaming platform, Apple Music, is picking up steam and it's free online radio station, Beats 1, is also becoming more popular. The new technology could allow for the company to reach a broader audience, although no word has been given on how the censoring will be implemented as of yet.

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