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Artwork, a.k.a. "Pizza Legend", Had Domino's Delivered to Him While on a Train

When Artwork was crazing pizza on a train, Dominos was up to the challenge
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Top-tier DJs can get away with asking for a lot at their gigs, just check out Skrillex and Diplo's rider. But when traveling it's a different story as they are usually seen as just another citizen off on their own journey. That didn't seem to be the case for Artwork when he embarked on a train ride recently and was craving some pizza.

Tweeting throughout the entire situation, Artwork boarded a train from Glasgow to Sheffield, which just so happens to be a 5 hour trip. With hunger taking over, he decided to see if he could order Dominos to his train car. With the challenge accepted by the Darlington branch of Dominos, the game was on.

Loads of support rang in from social media, even Scuba and Eats Everything backed him up while Artwork declared, the "whole carriage is behind me."

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Soon enough, two delivery women walked up to the train and handed Artwork his pizza. On the box was an appropriate title for Artwork's feat, "Pizza Legend".

After he sat down to devour his pizza, a food and drink cart strolled up to his seat and like a true gentleman he shared his pizza with the woman operating it. 

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