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Bern NY Bern: Bernie Sanders Call To Action Event Tonight in NYC

Support Bernie Sanders in NYC for the Bern NY Bern rally at Flash Factory
Bernie Sanders Rally - Raleigh NC (Mar 11th 2016) (photo by Scott Pelkey)

Bernie Sanders Rally - Raleigh NC (Mar 11th 2016) (photo by Scott Pelkey)

With the New York primary fast approaching on April 19, local supporters are pushing to get their candidate's message heard. As the Democratic race heats up, Bernie Sanders is looking to close the gap between him and Hillary Clinton and his followers are making all the right moves to get more people behind him.

Hosted by Feeling The Bern, Bern NY Bern will take place at Flash Factory in NYC and consist of speakers including Rosario Dawson, Gaby Hoffmann, Zoe Kravitz and numerous others. The event will also feature musical performances by Wild Belle, Chappo, Tommy Sunshine and more.

"Join us to get our good man Bernie Sanders elected. We want you to get involved! Make art and storm the streets. We can change the world and we need your help. There is no entry fee. We hope you will donate to the campaign. Most importantly we hope you leave the event with some ideas of how you can help spread the message!"

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Flash Factory NY: 229 W 28th St, New York, New York - RSVP


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