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Bob Sinclar Talks Production Goals, Trends in Music and Premiere's the 'Someone Who Needs Me' Video

An intimate music video for Bob Sinclar's new track on Spinnin' Records
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Not many producers have enjoyed such longevity in dance music quite like Bob Sinclar. The French producer, real name Christophe Le Friant, has been a staple within the House realm since the late '90s, but has continuously supplied the community with a variety of genres, all with his distinct motif. His latest offering comes in the form of a new, catchy House track on Spinnin' Records titled 'Someone Who Needs Me', accompanied by an equally intimate music video.

We linked up with Bob Sinclar to get a better idea for how he's managed to find new ways to be creative with his musical output, as well as his opinion on the current state of dance music. He's seen many trends come and go over the years and although he assures us he can't tell the future, he does have an idea for what to expect. Watch the new video for 'Someone Who Needs Me' and get a better understanding of the man behind the music below.

Your new track 'Someone Who Needs Me' is an uplifting  ballad, what inspired you to write the track?

My goal is to always make club tracks with emotions which is the most difficult thing to create... If it's just a happy vibe its boring... I work with an amazing young Belgian musician with whom I create hooks and then when I have goose bumps on one of them I start to produce it for my DJ set.

What is your opinion on the current state of EDM? Many see the "mainstream" sound fading out.

Yes u are right. The color of the club sound is changing since a year now. I could feel it last year at my residency at Pacha Ibiza, the crowd was looking for something sexier and less aggressive. This EDM is now a festival vibe were people need instant energy. On my side I prefer the club vibes where I can create a vibe and tell a story with my background of music.

What musical trends do you see becoming more popular?

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I am not a prophet but I can tell that House music vibes are strong this year. Every trend comes back every 20 years, the kids just started to listen to House music from the 90's and started to recycle those sounds. As every trend, EDM will fade away after 5 years of massive exposure and its so good to say it. :-)

Do you think dance music fans might be looking to a more "underground" sound these day? 

Every new trend starts from the underground and then pop music producers use those new trendy sounds, look what Justin Bieber did with Skrillex and Diplo. Electro and djs are the new sounds hipsters, all eyes are on us. The kids are crying to produce, and everyone wants to be a DJ because its cool, they start to listen and produce underground dance music, that's what I did and then their sound crossed one day to the main audience.

How have you managed to stay consistent with your music?

I have produced different styles of music for 15 years but always with the same process of production, always trying to update and elevate my formulas without trying to copy anyone and trying to mash up my music with different cultures.

How do you approach writing your music?

My first goal is to produce music for my DJ set, for the crowd and to please other DJs. I never produce a track just for the radio, it would be nonsense as I want to play my own music on stage.  

What can we look forward to from you moving forward? Any gigs coming up? Album or new music set to be released?

My new single "Someone Who Needs Me" will be released on Spinnin' the 18th of April and if the crowd loves it, I am ready to launch more. My priority this year is my Saturday night Pacha Ibiza residency with my own party "Paris By Night", it's crazy as hell and so sexy. Look for more news coming soon.

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