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Buenos Aires Bans Dance Music Festivals In Wake of Time Warp Deaths

The mayor of Buenos Aires has had a strong reaction to the tragedy at Time Warp
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Following the death of 6 people at Time Warp in Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital is temporarily banning dance music festivals.

According to The Guardian, the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, has made it clear that no permits will be granted until laws are enacted to discourage drug abuse at such events.

At Time Warp on April 15th, 6 people died with another 4 in critical condition in the hospital, all were related to drug overdoses. The second night of the event was subsequently canceled. 

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Numerous drugs were reported to be on site, including designer drugs, ecstasy, LSD, poppers, cocaine, and marijuana. 5 people were arrested at the festival.

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