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Last year Buraka Som Sistema revealed plans to embark on a tour, but that news was paired with the announcement of an indefinite hiatus. Fans were saddened, but also reassured that this was definitely not the end to their story. 

Members Branko, Riot, Kalaf, Conductor and Blaya helped revolutionize dance music with their unique representation of Angolan Kuduro, fusing it with modern electronic textures. Each artist adds a distinct flare to the group's sound and in our interview with Kalaf, we are encouraged to know they all will be very much involved with making music moving forward.

We recently got to ask Kalaf about his favorite memories from his time with Buraka Som Sistema, what he will miss and how the band stood out from the saturated dance music scene. As their group mentality fades out, they reveal 5 individual musicians who will continue to push dance music even further.

Buraka Some Sistema (photo by Goncalo F Santos)

Buraka Some Sistema (photo by Goncalo F Santos)

Do you have a favorite memory from your time with Buraka Som Sistema? What will you miss?

I will miss the stage. We had a lot of fun at our concerts and we believe that's what helped solidify our musical reputation. From all the memories that I carry with me, my favorite is the concert we did in Bogota back in 2012, at Rock al Parque festival. We performed for more than a hundred thousand Colombians. It was insane plus the fact that we were 8,675 feet above sea level, it made the whole show quite a challenge for us. We had paramedics with oxygen masks just in case one of us needed it, and we needed it.

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How has Buraka impacted dance music culture and what do you think your sound brought to the scene? 

We brought diversity. Our city is somewhat of a mix between a European city and an African city, and the fact that we didn't have any electronic music being created based on that, intrigued us. We're basically collective of producers who mix the most unusual genres from around the world with the most common rules of the dance-floor. It worked for us and we believe there's more to discover and do.

Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?

It's hard to say, because we believe our journey hasn't yet ended. We can still apply our creativity in different areas such as producing, curating or broadcasting this global dance club movement.

What do you hope to do in the future? What's next?

All the members of the group are artists on their own right. The projects we had on the side will be the priority for now. Plus our record label Enchufada will still be putting out music from artists we support on a regular basis.

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