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Be it lo-fi or mid-fi or even sci-fi, Com Truise is consistently dreaming of the future. In his latest EP "Silicon Tare", Com Truise delivers a true to form synth-wave adventure that continues his forward thinking sound. 

In the "Silicon Tare" EP, Com Truise continues not only his robotic, brightly synth and funk inspired aesthetic, but also a unique narrative started on his debut 2011 album "Galatic Melt". The story is that of the first robot astronaut blasting off into the cosmos and journeying into the depths of the abyss. With "Silicon Tare" the tale moves a few lightyears forwards inching towards the climactic conclusion of its second act, which will be coming soon in his second full album.

Fortunate to get a moment of Seth Haley's time (that's Com truise's real name), we talked about his latest EP, his unique style and even his favorite Tom Cruise movie. Check out the interview below.

Is there a Com Truise philosophy?

I think my philosophy really is just... I do what makes me happy. I write what makes me happy, you know? I totally listen to my own music a lot, most of the time when I'm flying. I think I just try to be happy with all of it. Yeah, just really, really, really enjoy what I'm doing, you know?

What are a few of your favorite Com Truise tracks?

I like Flightwave. It's like my take-off song. Glawio, another one. Let's see. It's the title track of the new EP, Silicon Tare. That's one that I really enjoy listening to these days. I've been listening to the new album stuff too, which in its own mark just has my weird nomenclature. Don't really have any names yet. But yeah, Futureworld and Controlpop. I love those tracks. That's what I like.

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I hear your second full-length album is coming soon. What sets this new album apart from the first one?

It's basically the end of the story. All my music is based on a story that I came up with, and this is kind of the end of this story. So it'll have some closure within it, but I think it'll be dark and light at the same time. As much as I'm striving to put an end to this story, I think it'll be still open-ended, kind of a to-be-continued sort of thing.

Are you able to share what that story or narrative that is between both albums?

Yeah, it's basically about the first android astronaut. They send him out into space to make contact with this planet that has a civilization on it. He's a robot basically, and he's supposed to be devoid of emotion. But he gets there and made contact with the civilization, and our two worlds kind of get along at first and everything's great, and then they start to probe him for more information. Then he ends up falling in love with this alien girl, and he's not really supposed to feel those feelings, but somehow he is because she kind of hacked him. The upcoming album is basically where they try to escape both civilizations and make their own way in the universe. That's really how it's going to pan out.

Who or what inspires you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from childhood vacations and things like that. My family definitely is usually inspirational to me. And films. I love science fiction and films and books and comic books and just all that stuff I find very inspiring. I'm more inspired by films and that kind of thing. I'm just a very visual person.

Along those lines then, what is your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

I'm going to have to say Risky Business, but I've been watching Days of Thunder a few times lately, so I really like that one too. It's a weird one, but you know.

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