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Countdown To Coachella: 5 Essential Items To Bring Into The Festival

What are some of the most useful things to bring into the festival? Here's a list so you don't forget anything.
Coachella (photo by Sam Howzit)

Coachella (photo by Sam Howzit)

The big weekends in Indio are almost here, so it's time to get ready! You want to make sure you're prepared with everything you need before going to the festival and we're here to help. Here are 5 essential items that can greatly improve your festival experience if you, or someone in your group has them with you. 

1. CamelBak / Water Bottle

  • Coachella is famous for being insanely hot and dry. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can possibly do at any music festival, especially one that's well over 100°! Constantly having to run to the packed water refill stations can equal missing some of your favorite artists, plus constantly buying new waters adds up quickly. If you or one of your group members has a Camelbak, this makes things a lot easier. Of course make sure no one is sick before sharing with them, but one person taking the burden of carrying this for the team will pay off immensely. It will last much longer than multiple water bottles, you can refill it for free, and it also serves as a stash for anything else you are carrying. Just make sure to empty it before heading into the festival or you will hold up the lines. 

2. Mobile Phone Charger

  • Your phone will die. It's inevitable unless you leave it off the whole time. Do your best to close all apps and turn off energy aggressive features like GPS, but it will still probably die before the day is over. Having a mobile phone charger can be a lifesaver, and help you find your group at some of the most crucial times, especially after the festival! They come small enough to forget you're carrying it, and can fit perfectly in a camelbak. Also, setting your phone to "airplane mode" will help save battery as well.

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3. Cash

  • You are going to get hungry. The festival is very long and if you're dancing all day then your body is using up energy and needs to be replenished. Plus the food at Coachella is absolutely amazing! So make sure to bring cash with you, it will make things much easier. You can buy drinks with cards, and even some other vendors take cards, but just to be safe bring some cash. 

4. Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Chapstick

Coachella is in the middle of the desert, it's dry and it's hot. Protecting your body in various forms from the intense glare of the sun will help you last the long weekend. Heat exhaustion is a real problem, so make sure to be prepared. 

5. Schedule / Meet up spots / Times

  • Now this isn't as much of something you physically need to bring in, although a schedule is insanely useful and we will be posting one that can be your phone screensaver. Set up your meet up spots either before or right when you get into the venue. I'm from Santa Barbara and my friends established over half a decade ago where to meet up. At any stage I can be completely alone and find someone within minutes guaranteed. If you know where and when you are going to meet with your group when you get split up, this will make things much easier for everyone. Also...this is important...don't miss those meet up times! You don't want to be the one person that forgets and has the entire group waiting there for you, missing out on the shows. So set these up beforehand and make sure everyone knows exactly where and when your group is getting together. If you're not with a group, go off an have a blast, obviously. 

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