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The big weekends in Indio are almost here, so it's time to get ready! You want to make sure you're prepared with everything you need before going to the festival and we're here to help. Whether you are camping or not, these 5 snacks are great to bring to keep you energized and healthy throughout the long haul of the weekend. Although you can't bring food into the festival itself, these snacks are great for before or after, as well as making some pit stops at a campsite to re-energize midday. 

1. Fresh/Dried Fruit

  • Before and after heading to the festival are perfect times to eat some fruit and replenish your body with much needed nutrients. Fresh fruit can be a refreshing way to curb hunger and keep you trekking throughout the day. Citruses like orange or grapefruit has vitamin C and makes for a refreshing and delicious snack, or squeeze some lemons into your water for extra electrolytes. Bananas supply you with potassium and magnesium that can really pull you through those tough times when your body gets exhausted. 

2. Energy / Protein Bars

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  • No matter your cravings, there’s any energy /protein bar out there for you. They make raw, vegan, gluten-free and body builder variations which offers a little something for everyone. They’re handy and as long as they don’t have chocolate, and they hold up well with warmer temperatures. 

3. Beef Jerky

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  • Beef jerky serves as a high-protein snack that can help break apart from other sugary options of energy for a longer lasting energy impact. Beef jerky comes compact and can last in the heat, making it an ideal protein source for the weekend. There also just happens to be a mind-blowing amount of flavors of beef jerky that you can find out there, so have some fun with it. 
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4. Granola

  • Granola is made up of rolled oats, nuts, dried fruit and honey which makes it a powerhouse of all kinds of good energy foods. It’s lightweight, can also be made at home and travels incredibly well. Packed with tons of good vitamins and nutrients, granola is a great addition to have for those festivals when you need all the energy you can get.

5. Assorted Nuts / Trail Mix

  • Assorted nuts are a solid source of manganese and copper, which will help you when you are starting to feel weak or fatigued throughout the long weekend. Taking it a step further with trail mix and you will also help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Packed with good flavors and nutrients, trail mix or assorted nuts are perfect for any festival checklist. 

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