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Create The Ultimate Chillout Lounge In Your House With The Avea Flare

The Flare makes the lava lamp look like, well, a lava lamp...

Remember lava lamps? They never really went out of style, they just kind of hung around the shelves at the local head shops collecting dust or at your stoner buddy's house underneath his Led Zeppelin poster and black light... Yeah, there still are those dudes out there, they are keeping the 60s and 70s alive and well. 

The whole idea of the lava lamp was to give your sad pad a little swagger, but now your swagger game is about to go to the next level. 

Imagine coming home with a special someone after a night at the club, rave, house party, whatever. You manage to get your phone out your pocket as you maneuver towards your mediocre Ikea couch. You flip open the Sonos app and set the mood with Magnetic's chill out classics (yeah I'm plugging that, see the link below). The vibe is magical, but you know that if you turn on your harsh lighting, she (or he) will scatter like a cockroach into the night. 

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The Avea app 

The Avea app 

Elgato's Avea line has just solved your lighting problems! You can quickly flip from Sonos to the Avea app and turn on you Flare to a color palate that fits the mood. Your room suddenly fills with a soft green and blue glow; it looks like a unicorn might gallop into the living room at any moment with a satchel of prophylactics. 

The App works on smart watches too

The App works on smart watches too

It's a magical light vibe that is what I'm trying to say. You can control the colors with your fingertips, and there is even a mode where you can set an alarm that will wake you up to a soft yellowish light and the sound of birds.

They also make lightbulbs and a Sphere model so you can kit out your pad in a big way as your app startup starts to get more traction. 

The Flare goes for $99.00 which is totally worth it considering it will bring a unicorn into your life. Grab one HERE.

Check out our Epic Chillout Classics Playlist Below - This will set the mood for any unicorn or special guest!

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