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Culture Shock Charts His Top 10 Drum and Bass Tracks

London based producer Culture Shock digs into his favorite tracks and delivers a chart filled with DnB dominance
Culture Shock

Got a little prezzie for you this week guys, a grand reward if you will - for enduring my waffle for the last well...year (this rewards scheme is all about patience apparently). I've handed the kudos tossing over to RAM records meister, Culture Shock this week. He's compiled for us ten of his best and favourite tunes to kick your week off to a monster start. And then I've made nonsensical comments after them all to bulk it out a bit. Lap it up!

Last week's chart from yours truly

'No More (Back To You)' - Culture Shock

"This list is rigged!" I hear you cry. Well is, he wrote it so he gets dibs. Plus it's a bloody good tune oi.

'Revenge' - Smooth 

Smooth is a Ukranian DnB maestro with a debut looming somewhere on Viper Recordings horizon...

'Rush Connection' - Culture Shock

Fred Saunders on YouTube said, "Literally every DJ dropped this at the last Hospitality at Building Six! It rattled my rib cage man I swear" - hope your ribs have recovered Fred! Beejay12104 remarked, "if Grant Nelson made a DnB track! Pure Class this." I don't know who Grant Nelson is but pure class indeed! Accolades of the highest quality. 

'Terminus' - Metrik 

Extending the list out to the Hospital crew here - this is coincedentally one of my very favourite tracks in life as well. Excellent taste CS!

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'Truth' - Drum Sound & Bassline Smith 

The trio's fourth release of 2015...hinting at a tasty third album in the works potentially?

'Paradise Lost' - Delta Heavy 

The title track from Delta Heavy's latest and greatest album takes it's rightful place on the list.

'Steam Machine' - Culture Shock 

Steam Machine was the first track to be taken from Culture's TRANSIT EP...letting us know, under no uncertain terms, what we were all in for!

'Pulsation' - Inside Info & Mefjus  

Classic team up from these two... and it's starting to become clear the overall vibe of this list runs the right side of murky! Just the way we like it.

 'Tangents' - Culture Shock 


'Your Love (Culture Shock remix)' - Moko 

Moko is to Drum and Bass as Fallout 4 is to my boyfriend. Or something. They like each other, okay? If you listen to the original first you will hear that Culture Shock brings the absolute badness to her tune here. 

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