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Dubstep heads, whether you have been a longtime fan of 12th Planet and Datsik or not, this track is going to be your new anthem. As 12th Planet describes it, "'Party In The Sewer' is an intergalactic elephant dinosaur robot war of music that makes you feel happy."

He honestly could not be more spot on with that description. 

12th Planet

Forthcoming on Firepower's Shellshock Kamikaze compilation and featuring Elan on vocals, 'Party In The Sewer' takes the Dubstep sound back to the days when innovation was being tested. Datsik was one of the more prominent artists pushing the boundaries back then and, along with 12th Planet, is still progressing the scene to new heights. He lets us in on the vision for the new track: "'Party In The Sewer' brought John and I back to square one with some nitrous fueled OG womp mechanisms. Always a pleasure to have 12thy sleep on my couch to write bangers!"

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Shellshock Kamikaze is set to be released May 13 via Firepower Records and will showcase the absolute best of what the label has to offer. View the complete tracklist below. Purchase Here

Shellshock Kamikaze Tracklist:

  1. Datsik & 12 Planet – “Party In The Sewer (feat. Elan)”
  2. Bear Grillz – “Gurlz”
  3. Protohype & Stratus – “Let’s Do This”
  4. Soltan – “Turn Up”
  5. EH!DE & Funk4Mation – “Come Back”
  6. Zack The Lad – “Won’t Stop”
  7. Spag Heddy – “Hugs And Stuff”
  8. Init, Goldplate & Hami – “Greens”
  9. AFK – “Death Gun”
  10. MineSweepa – “No Face”
  11. Twine – “Dayjahvuh”

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