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Now you're in for it. Here it comes now ladies and lads, here comes one smooth, classy, sophisticated Crew Love regular David Marston. In our next exclusive guest mix, we have a masterful old soul that seems to have a deepness which just keeps pressing on.

I have been a fan since his 2014 "Jamaicalia" release on Soul Clap Records, and it's been constantly rewarding to hear David's style and substance evolve. He is a veritable god when it comes to guitar, and on his latest solo work "Kindness of Bearer" he soars to new Mt. Olympus heights. I can totally see Zeus and company kicking back and taking it all in with David riffing in the clouds. Buy this album, then buy it again, give all your money to the man because... we simply need more music like this in the world.

As you press play, and take all the goodness in, read on for an interview with David about his latest EP on Soul Clap Records "Kindness of Bearer".

David Marston, the Jamaican young legend in the making. What's going on with you and your latest release on Soul Clap Records "Kindness of Bearer"?

The “Kindness of Bearer” EP was in the works for a while. For two or so years prior to the release I had been working on several songs that I had made with friends who are talented musicians and songwriters. The EP, therefore, evolved as a collaborative project. For my second release with Soul Clap, I wanted to showcase these meaningful collaborations. Taken together, the songs make for a varied and compelling EP.

Firstly, the tracks on this release are wonderfully dreamy, dare I say ethereal. What was your intention with these songs?

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All of the songs are vocally driven. They are danceable, but they are not really club tracks. I knew from the outset of the project that I didn’t want the focus to be on making heavy-hitting dance tracks. I just wanted to make songs that are beautiful, emotive, and thoughtful. That being said, one can certainly hear elements of dance music in the songs.

You and the vocalists seem to have something going on in a great way. What is your technique when it comes to bringing out the best performance from a singer?

I really enjoy working with vocalists. I actually find it really difficult to write instrumental tracks. Vocals give me a structure and base with which I can work and develop ideas. For the songs on this EP, most of the vocals were recorded remotely by the vocalists who feature on the record. For “Giving Up On You”, Dan Izco and I recorded with Brigitte Zozula in New York and that was really constructive for the song. Brigitte and I are close friends and we have great musical synergy. She featured on a song on my 1st EP on Soul Clap Records, so we’ve been working together for a while.

In the case of the song “True,” my friend Aubrey Nolan had written the song, and I subsequently enlisted another friend of mine, Beth Aggett, to sing the parts. I’ve actually never met Beth in person, but we connected through SoundCloud after the release of my Jamaicalia EP. We bonded over music, and eventually started working together. She’s an extremely talented and experienced vocalist, so I was happy to have her record on the track. At the time that the song was being made, however, I was in Miami and she was in France, so we had find a way for her to record over there. Soon, she got her own little studio set up so that she could start recording. We started sending files back and forth and also Skyped periodically to discuss the progress of the song. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope that I will be able to collaborate on many more songs with her in the future.

 Where is David Marston going in 2016?

Starting in June, I am going to be playing some Europe dates with the Crew Love Collective. I am also going to be playing guitar for Nick Monaco’s new live band, Island Life, and we are going to traveling around Europe together in June. Then after that we are going to be doing a tour of the US for the rest of the Summer.

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