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Deadmau5 Takes Us on a Tour of His Home Studio and Shares Production Tips

After finishing his home studio, deadmau5 gives us the full tour, revealing his extensive collection of gear. Plus a production tutorial with Steve Duda.
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It's not uncommon for deadmau5 to give fans an inside look at his studio and production process, but never has he revealed such an in depth tour of his workplace. 

He recently built a new studio at his home in Toronto, which used to be the master bedroom. His modular gear collection is a work of art and we can only imagine what it's like creating music with those machines, plus he's got a custom Modcan synth, the only one of it's kind. Not to mention his ATC monitors likely sound as crisp as humanly possible. Check out what other instruments, gadgets and toys he uses in the video below.

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Razer, the company behind the Razer Music Portal and education program, tapped deadmau5 for a special tutorial session. 

Inside his meticulously built studio he is joined by collaborator and friend Steve Duda to talk about melodic structuring, an aspect of his productions that continues to draw listeners to his music. He uses Ableton to guide us through a song called 'Imaginary Friends', a new track he revealed on Soundcloud back in November. Watch the video below to get valuable insight into deadmau5's production process and look for more new music coming soon.

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